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When birds fly back home, its time to say goodbye

Is it time yet for you to go back home? Continue reading

Who wants to go back home

A Penny earned

A penny saved is a penny earned

The symbol

Blind turn

While there was no security, there was some certainty as the destination.. I was taking a Blind Turn

The lone taveller

He who has conquered all shall walk to his abode alone. What is GOD?

Up above the world so high

May be its time to change how we look at things. May be we need to rise!! Continue reading

monumental alabaster

I will forever cherish that long walk to the monumental alabaster


The recipe is love Continue reading


A heritage is not just a bequeathed treasure, its a mirror to see your aging face

Let it Snow. Let it Snow. Let it Snow

We have no place to Go.. let it Snow.. let it Snow.. let it Snow..

A bright day

Its a sunny morning here at Maidaan..


Those little toy cars, these tiny houses and the serpentine lane… I feel so liberated, high above

I wish I had a river.. I could skate away home

Little Brenda


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Aabir Basu is a North Kolkata-bred bearded and spectacled Bengali Bhodrolok. He is on the right side of his thirties and is married to his teenage sweetheart. He has a master’s degree in Business Administration and is currently employed in some IT company. Aabir is an artist at heart: cartoonist, photographer, painter, movie buff, poetry enthusiast, lullaby story-teller, bathroom singer, religious philosopher and photo manipulator. He believes in creativity and breaking out of the cliché. Aabir's life is characterized by trying to spend a peaceful life while doing what he loves or trying to love what he does (that's too many trying in one sentence). Aabir writes blogs about life, religion, photo-blogs, politics, short stories, one liner quotes and everything else.

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