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Out of Text

They only taught Literature at college so I took special night classes on  SARCASM Advertisements

Everyone has a last leaf to live for

Who would you do

Do what you love. Do what loves you?


There isn’t enough oxygen for all of us.. So some people need to choke.. Hard fact of life


Most often I see good images worth shooting when I am not carrying a camera around.

Knock Knock

Knock Knock.. Who’s there? Nana.. Nana who? NANA YOUR BUSINESS!!

Not much of a Dreamer

I sometimes thank my stars that my dreams never come true


I care little for the good things that they say about me, I have all the time in the world to prove them wrong…

Nobody does

Nobody understands the pains of the lead guitarist of a boy-band because  no one knows him

So Stupid

I was so ignorant that I always thought that Justin Bieber was a girl, all that I thought was ” Boy, this chick’s got some BALLS!! “


I don’t cry over split milk..(it matches my personality..) but for some reason my pet cat does


Wonder what’s funnier.. Sarcasm or the irony of it…


She was not pretty, yet none could call her ugly, to me, she looked possible


Dont injure with Crossbows, no, that’s too archaic, impair them with Charisma instead; just a one blow on first acquaintance will leave them dying for the rest of their lives

Just noticed!

Just noticed that Hemingway’s six word novel has no foreword 

Best practices …

Best practices are not devised to re-invent the wheel, its done pretty much to avoid the consequences of running over an unsuspecting pedestrian


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