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When I lost her, I found her. The girl of hundred dreams. She was so much there that I never felt her presence. Like the cold breeze and Fragrance. She never asked me how much I loved her. Never did I tell her what I really felt. We always held hands but never held hands, … Continue reading

Kobita : Ghum neme ase

Ami toke bhalobesechi amar moton kore, Kono alga badhone toke atke rakha jeto na, Amar muthoy toke jay na dhora , Tai toke udiye dewa tai amar Bhalobasa Sudhu cholar pothe aste jete je sob Smriti chinho pore ache, Tader to kono dosh nei, tara oho ratro Mone koray tor kotha. Ghum neme ase. Tui … Continue reading

Bhalobashay milon hote nei

Ami tomar chokher samnei thaki tai aar amake mone pore na… Tumi jedin amar sob cheye apnar holey Sedin hariechhi Tomay, Anshtakur e joma dhuloy lutoche tomay Lekha somosto chithi, Amay dekhle ar songkoche aachol khani nao na tene, Ar kono kokkhono bolo na “amar bujhi nojja korena? ” Sidur er teep ghete geche, kacher … Continue reading

Poem – Tamasha

Gota raat ta nibhe geche andhokarer chadore, Sudhu tumi asbe bole ekta bati jolche jhorer chokhe chokh rekhe. Tomosha ar tamasha tei purey chhai hoy jabe seo.. Domka haway ar tar bhoy hoy na,  ekhun se shadhin

Weapon of Mass Destruction

There are all the torture devices in the world, and then there are your eyes; sometimes I wonder which offfers a less painful death

Poem: The life I wish for

I wish to have a place of my own, A life for my own care, Where I may be, may be may be, A space for me alone to share I hope to find a small barn for me, Or a little garage house of my own, Where days are bright and sunny and bright, … Continue reading

Kobita: Mukti

Je mukti tumi khujchho ondhokare, Sei muktir jonno ora dwip jaliechhilo raat jege, Tokhon paharadarer golar swor e ghum neme asto, Tobu oder poth chola theme jayni, Tomar jetuku mukti chai kurie nao, Baki ta alor chhitay pure chhai hoye jak

Kobita : Ektu sokto na hoye upay nei

Bajare agun daam, bastobbadi na hoye upay nei, Swotota Doya Poropokar ekhane mela bhaar, Ora protihingsha bechchhe kom daame, Ektu sokto na hoye upay nei. Jara diner belay gola chorie bolechilo “sasok er kalo haath bhenge dao” Sanjher belay tader uthone prodip joleni, Ar sasoker kalo haath rahu ketur moto graas koreche gota somaj, Ektu … Continue reading


Its only fair.. that the tides flow me away here there, If I ever had a resting place I would know

When I consider how my light is spent


Under thy great sky in solitude and silence, with humble heart shall I stand before thee face to face    – Rabindra Nath Tagore

Quote by Rabindranath Tagore

  Where the mind is without fear  Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high Where knowledge is free Where the world has not been broken up into fragments By narrow domestic walls Where words come out from the depth of truth Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection Where … Continue reading

Entire Novel in an Image

  Heminway’s six letter novel captured in a Photo “For sale: Baby shoes, never worn”    

6 letter novel

For sale: Baby shoes, never worn


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