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The Good Shepherd


Inner Chambers

The rising Sun in the East

A Night Mooring by Bridge

The onlooker

The wait is never ending

Look around oh Master

Everyone has a last leaf to live for

Make death wait

When I consider how my light is spent

Shed a little light

Stamping on her own wellbeing

Wait and watch

Photos I took last Sunday


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Aabir Basu is a North Kolkata-bred bearded and spectacled Bengali Bhodrolok. He is on the right side of his thirties and is married to his teenage sweetheart. He has a master’s degree in Business Administration and is currently employed in some IT company. Aabir is an artist at heart: cartoonist, photographer, painter, movie buff, poetry enthusiast, lullaby story-teller, bathroom singer, religious philosopher and photo manipulator. He believes in creativity and breaking out of the cliché. Aabir's life is characterized by trying to spend a peaceful life while doing what he loves or trying to love what he does (that's too many trying in one sentence). Aabir writes blogs about life, religion, photo-blogs, politics, short stories, one liner quotes and everything else.

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