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Stella did not particularly hate her husband. He was not unkind to her. He was not forthcoming and affectionate. He was not abusive or ill tempered. He was not caring or spontaneous. He did not keep her unhappy. He did not keep her happy. There were many-a- Nots in the relationship but then there’s that one knot of … Continue reading

War Hero

Martha withheld her smile in a vague effort to act indifferent; her entire frame shivered with excitement, her eyes lit up, yet her face held a stony composure of restraint. Ten long years have elapsed since she last met Richard, overwhelmed as she was deep inside, she would not let it show. Time has cast … Continue reading

The Lone Traveller

The end was near, God was coming, the good news has to reach every corner of this earth. Continue reading


His postmortem report missed the most vital information – he was ahead of his time

Kobita: Mukti

Je mukti tumi khujchho ondhokare, Sei muktir jonno ora dwip jaliechhilo raat jege, Tokhon paharadarer golar swor e ghum neme asto, Tobu oder poth chola theme jayni, Tomar jetuku mukti chai kurie nao, Baki ta alor chhitay pure chhai hoye jak

Curious Case of Harold Griffin

Curiously, Griffin had a normal life, and had every intention to maintain it so. Continue reading


With little Anna’s slumber, silence befell on the neighbourhood.

Defeat of sorts

Quivering gaze, chocked voice and quizzical expression, General Megus signed with trembling hands. History was to remember this day for a long time to come for how far behind it pushed his County in terms of political might. As the nib of the fountain pen broke, doom fell on his people. Surrender was a small … Continue reading

Universal Equality

A segment in the crowd demanded an answer; the other realized the truth and remained silent.

Grey is beautiful

Greying is beautiful Continue reading

Crimson scars

Tatoos painted all across his body marred him like scars of delusion. What you think cool, over the period, will change… but wont rub itself off


If it was not for the Sacred holy cross I wear around my neck, I would not be alive today. It was Roswell Square in the evening. I had been anxiously waiting for a gentleman who had offered to sell me a second-hand Chevy at a throw away price if I drew him his portrait … Continue reading


It was fifteen years since we had last met.The spark was long gone. Only her eyes still looked familiar. As we ordered our drink, I began to sense that something wasn’t right. Yet when we exchanged numbers in the middle of the night, it felt that I had a new friend now. As a courtesy … Continue reading


I didn’t look her in the eye the whole time during dinner that night. The food was probably good, I cant tell. Guilt isn’t a real feeling, it the discomfort of apprehension that keeps the anxiety alive. Conscience didn’t strike hard until I saw her cleaning my muddy shoes, she was so Absorbed in it, … Continue reading

Head on

“Drop the gun” he said… I said “Checkmate”


As the mercury rose on the hot summer noon, an ill feeling of lethargy gripped my physical senses. A dull ache capsized my bodily responses, strangling my sinews. Mixed together with uncontrollable sweating and raging anguish, I lay lifelessly on a hammock. Thoughts flocked in and out of my empty mind after echoing in every … Continue reading


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