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Kobita : Ghum neme ase

Ami toke bhalobesechi amar moton kore, Kono alga badhone toke atke rakha jeto na, Amar muthoy toke jay na dhora , Tai toke udiye dewa tai amar Bhalobasa Sudhu cholar pothe aste jete je sob Smriti chinho pore ache, Tader to kono dosh nei, tara oho ratro Mone koray tor kotha. Ghum neme ase. Tui … Continue reading

Acting Socially

It is a norm to be social and sociable. Continue reading

Even a broken clock shows right time twice a day

Do you like this clock that I have put up on my room wall. It’s incredibly inexpensive and though it does not really look lavish but serves its purpose. So please give an Honest opinion about the clock and what other features of the room will match the clock.

Ups and downs

The irony in the life of a Self-made man is that he gets to destroy himself

Day today

Played some ambient music and relaxed a bit, felt blissful. Take a deep breath, cool down your senses, every thing will be ok because there is no pressing need for the world to conspire against you. Sleep sleep sleep… Have Office to attend tomorrow… 5 days to my marriage.. Bundle of nerves!!!!

New room

Lots and lots of new furnitures got delivered in my room. Its lots of fun. Just planning where to keep what. My bedroom looks smaller now, but never mind that, it’s fun! Feeling awesome. Oh have I mentioned it yet that I am getting married next Saturday? So fingers crossed!!

The revealation

Let me tell you a funny thing about love; they say in love you take 99 punches to get one rose, and then one day the rose just stops coming. The day notifications didn’t come, I was stupified, such a thing is life. Only a week back I wasn’t even aware of its existence and … Continue reading


Its not the end until its all over… You life is an eternal quest for completion… Reworked on the blog look and feel… Please suggest improvements and give your feedback… Waiting eagerly

View through a tram cage

What a view to behold on a rainy day… a tram car leisurely gliding on iron rails, making crackling noise as it moves, chiming its bell, making way through wet slumber of desolate streets.

Sleepless un-settle

One of those nights when you cant possibly sleep. Laid in bed for long enough, tried OTC meds, music, counting the sheep, meditation and overwhelming desperation but nothing seems to work. Feeling lonely, scared, tired, impatient, depressed and bored. In reality, we work to take rest, but once there is no work there is an … Continue reading

My day today

For the past 5 days, the entire week so to say, I haven’t done any real work at office, yet, today (the last day of the month) the salary was diligently credited to my account. When I heard the phone sms tone ring I knew it was the sweet sound of cash. I cant really … Continue reading


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