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His father was an encyclo-pediatrician, he had an unhappy childhood Advertisements


A heritage is not just a bequeathed treasure, its a mirror to see your aging face

Poem – Tamasha

Gota raat ta nibhe geche andhokarer chadore, Sudhu tumi asbe bole ekta bati jolche jhorer chokhe chokh rekhe. Tomosha ar tamasha tei purey chhai hoy jabe seo.. Domka haway ar tar bhoy hoy na,  ekhun se shadhin

Ups and downs

Interestingly, a mountaineering expedition would only be deemed successful when the climber is able to ascend to the hill top as well as scale down to the bottom: same is with Life

Weapon of Mass Destruction

There are all the torture devices in the world, and then there are your eyes; sometimes I wonder which offfers a less painful death

Been there..done that

I saved the reputation of so many posh resturants by simply not “Checking In” on Facebook

Self Interest

I sympathise with people who have been wronged by others; I sympathise more with them who have wronged themselves

Outlook preference

Left was too left, and I wouldn’t go right; the middle path was just right for me..the path of the Devil


They say Tooth-Fairies donot exist, I doubt if Honesty does..


Its only fair.. that the tides flow me away here there, If I ever had a resting place I would know

Out of Text

They only taught Literature at college so I took special night classes on  SARCASM

Option : love

She hated him from the start. He was intolerable. He was playing on her mind all the time. There was no more hatred to give any more. Now the only way forward was love.


“Its Independence Day again,  let’s celebrate with Beef steak”. A young boy of 13, Azad, sold his cow for a mere 50 bucks. He loved it much and named it Azadi. The cattle lived up to its name on the auspicious day.

Who would you do

Do what you love. Do what loves you?


There isn’t enough oxygen for all of us.. So some people need to choke.. Hard fact of life

Rat Race

Running after money isn’t a hundred meter dash… This is a race which attacks no apartheid..


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Aabir Basu is a North Kolkata-bred bearded and spectacled Bengali Bhodrolok. He is on the right side of his thirties and is married to his teenage sweetheart. He has a master’s degree in Business Administration and is currently employed in some IT company. Aabir is an artist at heart: cartoonist, photographer, painter, movie buff, poetry enthusiast, lullaby story-teller, bathroom singer, religious philosopher and photo manipulator. He believes in creativity and breaking out of the cliché. Aabir's life is characterized by trying to spend a peaceful life while doing what he loves or trying to love what he does (that's too many trying in one sentence). Aabir writes blogs about life, religion, photo-blogs, politics, short stories, one liner quotes and everything else.

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